We would like to introduce our new project aim 'Urban Edible Gardens'. This project is about health conciousness in our community through heath living. We are creating urban community gardens in our local communities transforming empty unused or neglected spaces into community gardens by working closely with local authorities, charities, local companies and local people who wants to help make a difference in their local communities.

We are a community organisation delivering workshops and events for both young and the elderly. Community engagement is at the heart of what we do. Please help and  support any of our campaigns that tackle issues within the community. 

We believe that 'a community shapes a child's future so we are always inspired to work alongside volunteers from the community. Our project Skills Library - invites skilled people to come and share their skill with unemployed people or people wanting to gain a new Skill.

Our mission is simple and clear, Build Bridges' in our community and break barriers.Connect people and open up opportunities for people to achieve their full potential. With advice and hands on workshops its a helping hand to cross the bridge and break barriers

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0203 719 6498


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