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Urban Edible Gardens is a project that focuses on turning unused or neglected spaces into beautiful gardens or transform spaces into vibrant projects for the community with the community. It also includes gardening workshops for residents and the community to get involved and own the projects. 

Now more than ever we have seen more and more people get sick from mental and chronic health issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Diabetes and many many more. We have also seen a high rise of families now depending on food banks. We believe gardening can help with a lot of these problems. 

Community gardening is about bringing communities together. Our goal is to help reverse these situations and to encourage the creation of Victory-styled gardens to accomplish several things: provide a healthy source for fresh fruits and vegetables; to teach our younger generations the joys of gardening, Community spirit, Exercise , Meditation, the possibilities are endless. 

Northolt Library

Another Transformation happening right now at Northolt Library. Building Bridges have done it again. We are working with Ealing Council to transform this space into a community garden for the community and with the community. Come get involved or just your input of what you would like to see in your local gardens.

Medlar Farm Estate

At Medlar Farm We are working with residents to transform the local community hall into a vibrant place for residents to come and relax in their new modern community space where we will also be giving them health workshops alongside a community cafe.

Radcliff Estate

We are working tirelessly to secure more and more spaces in our local communities. Radcliff Estate is the latest acquired community space to transform unused spaces into vibrant growing projects for the community. We will be working with young adults to target antisocial behavior by introducing workshops and activities to keep everyone busy. come and see these amazing transformations.


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