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Holding Plant




Urban Edible Gardens


- Food Growing

- Community gardening

- Healthy Eating

- Building strong communities

- Gardening Workshops

- Exercise through Gardening

- Tackling Obesity 

- Community Cohesion 

- Healthy Minds

- Healthy Environment

- Gardening in Schools

- Healthy Well-being

- Transforming Communities


Cleaner Air

Planting Trees and other plants such as Areca Palm, Lady Palm, Bamboo Palm, Peace Lily and many many more to create a better environment for communities. London is the most air polluted city in England which causes a lot of heath risks and complications. 

Our mission is to tackle the problem head on by putting in place necessary measures to create better, cleaner air for our local communities


Community Kitchens


- Healthy eating programes

-  Recipes community share hub

- Sample foods / drinks and weekly menu ideas

- Lifestyle changes

- Cooking classes

- Healthy smoothie making classes

- One 2 one & community healthy living support

- Community walks

- Healthy living information and advice

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