• We work passionately to help make a world free from deprivation a reality. We believe that to take someone out of deprivation is not by giving them money to last them a year or buy them a loaf of bread to eat but to feed people with life skills that will feed them for a lifetime.


  • Our aim is to raise awareness of the scale of issues around the world and how easily these problems can be tackled by creating awareness and people working together to build a community.


  • Our campaign's focuses on every aspect that can make a difference in people,s lives including but not limited to education & training , health, young people, unemployment and  human rights


We are recruiting mentors, tutors and volunteers for the following Campaigns:-


Have you got a skill you can share to support others to learn a new skill? You can use your skill to help others and change lives. To find out more please send us your skill...


Are you a recovered addict of gambling, alcohol, drugs, or depression & anxiety? You can help other addicts to recover. We would love your support at our Recovery programmes to share your experience on your journey to recovery.

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